Performance Innovations

Designed in California, IMG Lighting products represents the intersection of world-class design and cutting-edge technology. IMG Design Studio is the in-house design team of IMG Lighting. Designing products for IMG Lighting and external Clients, IMG Design Studio ensures that designs are built to maximize technical performance and aesthetics appeal. Whether the design is for a traditional or contemporary application, IMG Lighting is perfectly poised to deliver a range of custom applications for residential, commercial or industrial use. From the hand-drawn concept sketches to computer-aided design models, IMG Design Studio works across a range of design mediums to ensure that the final product is the one envision by the Client.

Moreover, IMG Lighting provides the technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities to transform concepts designs into tangible products. Experienced in all stages of production from hand built models to mold casting to full scale manufacturing, IMG Advance Engineering understanding of build process enhances final product quality and shortens the product build cycle. Rapid prototyping, limited batch, and large scale manufacturing of products are a few of the production options available to Clients. IMG Advance Engineering’s flexible production capacities provide Clients with the choice of higher-cost limited edition runs or low-cost high-volume production. 

Four reason why IMG Lighting's Beacon Series LED desk lamps to outperform all of its competitors:

OSRAM Performance

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OSRAM Performance

The best lamps in the world are built with the best LEDs in the world.  IMG Lighting exclusively uses premium OSRAM Ultra Bright LEDs.  With highest quality LEDs available, we’re able produce exceptional brightness, superior color rendering, and remarkable energy conservation.  The Beacon Series yields over 600 lumens,  3 to 4 times brighter than competitors, and one of the brightest LED lamps in industry.

Dual Warm-Cool Diode Array

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Dual Warm-Cool Diodes. 

IMG Lighting makes lamps containing  both warm white and cool white LEDs in a single product. Dual diodes combines the advantages of the crisp, sharp lighting from cool white LEDs with the comfortable lighting from warm white LEDs.  By operating dual diodes, we’re able to better replicate natural light and produce exceptional color rendering.  Ultra high lumen brightness, stellar light quality reduces eye fatigue, and that is good for your eyes. 

Heat Sinking Space Frame

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Heat Sinking Space Frame

LEDs that are kept cooler are brighter and with higher color quality.  IMG Lighting utilizes a robust heat management system of thermal louvers in a heat sinking space frame to draw heat away from LEDs.  Our Competitors  substitute high-quality, high lumen LEDs for cheap, low quality LEDs.  Their clusters of second and third grade LEDs often results in heat management issues of diodes lumen output dimming, poor color quality output and ultimately diode failure. 

Crystal Iris

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Crystal Iris 

The micro crystalline-pattern of the iris projects light uniformly across the work surface.  LED lamp without an Iris will project a pattern of circles on the lighting surface identical to the pattern LEDs in the lamp.  As LEDs are exceptionally bright, staring at unguarded, exposed LEDs may cause damage to the eye. The iris guards against accidentally looking directly at the LED. 


Designed by IMG Lighting in California, the Design Studio works with clients throughout the globe. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.